What is the treatment for work addiction?

Work Addiction as opposed to

Work Addiction as opposed to just being burnt out by over working is the same as any other addiction. The work addict experiences a high about working and essentially needs to enter into "work detox." There are also work addict support groups using the 12 Steps. Therapy may also be used.

Work addicts need to retrain

Work addicts need to retrain their habits. They need to learn that its not the work which is what they're after. They are after an escape and this escape can be found in many ways just like any addiction.

The treatment for work

The treatment for work addiction isn't much different than treatments for other types of addiction--12 step programs, support groups, counseling, and cognitive behavioral therapy are common approaches. There are some support groups and programs specifically for work addiction, like Workaholics Anonymous (http://www.workaholics-anonymous.org). They have a 230 page book called the Workaholics Anonymous Book of Recovery, which I assume outlines a course of treatment for work addiction.

Work addiction is a hard thing to overcome because, like with a food addiction, you can't just stop working completely. You have to learn to balance work and life.



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