Need things to help me get off video games..any advice?

It is all about getting your

It is all about getting your mind off of them. Get in the outdoors. Play a sport! Exercise. Try to find new hobbies. What else interests you?

I think getting outside can

I think getting outside can be really helpful if you're trying to stop playing video games, because it's a really big change in environment. If you're hanging around inside, it will be hard to take your mind off playing games because it's what you'd normally be doing there. Another thing that can help is to make plans with friends to go out and do things. That will distract you, change your environment, and put a little pressure on you to keep your commitment to your friends.

If you like to read at all, I definitely think that can be a good substitute for video games. A good book will have a similar escapist quality and you can end up getting just as wrapped up in the story as you would get involved in a video game. There are tons of fun books out there that can really take your mind off of other things just the way video games do.



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