Is anyone here addicted to World of Warcraft like I am?

I have never played it but I

I have never played it but I heard they have over 11 million subscribers. Has to be something addictive about it. Right?

Games like WoW are immersive,

Games like WoW are immersive, at least as much as a good novel or movie, and so they provide an escape from things in your day-to-day life that you may not be dealing with. They're also social and open-ended, both of which make it difficult to escape from the escape (or easier to stay immersed, depending on how you look at it). Finally, they're profitable, which provides someone a strong motivation to keep producing new and appealing content, like a novel you fall into that never ends.

So yes, if someone enjoys MMORPGs and has stuff in their life they're currently avoiding, WoW and its genre-mates can provide an escape. If you can use it for short periods of time it may be helpful to you. If you have nothing else in your life that competes to provide meaning and social contact, you will likely find your online behaviour increasing steadily at the expense of other things that might do you more good, like in-person social contact, work, and exercise.

Use it in balance, and if you find you can't use it in balance be honest with yourself about that - then you can either figure out why or stop using it. Anything that provides a reward can become "addictive", and that reward competes with other rewards in your life for your attention. You only have so much.

I have to agree a lot with

I have to agree a lot with indreams. I have never played WoW but I used to be an avid Halo player. I never really played the actual game but found myself staying up until 6am on a Monday, not getting any sleep and then going to work. The multiplayer aspect. playing with players around the world was my escape. It started to become too much. I unfortuately, unplugged my Xbox, 8 months ago and put it away. I felt I wasn't thinking about anything but this. I started to even dream about Team Slayer. Anyone who has played knows what I am talking about. What is comes to is that I was definitely addicted. I see the same with some friends who play WoW. It is all about control and balance.

I myself was never an addict,

I myself was never an addict, but in my support group for meth I noticed that there were a few people that actually used speed to stay up at night to play WoW. Pretty wild. I am guessing it is the social aspect, which really is not social at all, but rather perverts social interaction.


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