Where can I find a structured treatment program for sugar addiction?

Sugar addiction is not

Sugar addiction is not recognized by the American Psychological Association as a disorder, and most clinical addiction treatment programs don't specifically address sugar addiction. It's not an established addiction in the traditional sense, so there aren't as many treatment programs available.

If you're looking for a structured treatment program for sugar addiction, you might find it more helpful to consider programs that address nutrition rather than addiction, as dependence from sugar is often considered from a nutritional standpoint.

Kathleen DesMaisons has written several books on the topic of sugar addiction--I haven't read them, but you can find more info about her and her program on her website.

The Women's Treatment Center for Healthy Living is an inpatient treatment center that specializes in eating disorders, and according to its website it is one of very few that specifically address sugar addiction.

Again, I can't personally recommend either of these, but they might be a good starting point as you look for a program.


I was really surprised to

I was really surprised to hear that. When hearing the word "addiction," like most people I think of drugs such as cocaine, heroin or alcohol. I suspected that eating sugar results in a biochemical response and you can become dependent on it, so it seems possible that a sugar addiction is a real addiction.

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