Is Sugar Addiction for real?

Yes and no. There are

Yes and no. There are certainly people who develop a dependency and tolerance for sugar. This will produce withdrawal like symptoms, yet this is more or less like getting used to eating a type of food and then cutting it out, rather than a real addiction.

Well, sugar addiction is not

Well, sugar addiction is not recognized by the American Psychological Association as a "real" disorder, so my guess is that most medical professionals don't consider it real. There aren't a lot of treatment programs for sugar addiction, either. I would be tempted to place sugar addiction more in the category of an eating disorder than a drug addiction...what do you think?

Eating sugar definitely results in a biochemical response and you can become dependent on it, so it seems possible that a sugar addiction is a real addiction. Some studies have suggested that sugar may stimulate the same reward systems in the brain as addictive drugs.



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