I have been a compulsive shoplifter for many years. My record is growing, jobs are harder to find with such a record, depression continues to deepen, and I no longer like myself of what I've become. I need a shoplifters anomynous program in Phoenix, AZ.

I'm very much a modern day

I'm very much a modern day Robin Hood. I always help others who are unable to acquire the things they need. It's always petty, never shoplifted at a feloney level, but I really want to stop doing it and stay out of jail! I can't find anything like this here in Phoenix, AZ. It's so extreme, two days before Christmas, I got caught at Home Depot.

Hi there. Have you tried to

Hi there. Have you tried to get help before? I know it might be hard to find a support group specific to this but I think if you even attended any support group, gambling, alcohol, it would help for you to talk about it. We are all going through similar things. What leads you to steal leads others to drink or do coke.

Check out the website for the

Check out the website for the National Association of Shoplifting Prevention (NASP). They're a non-profit organization that offers information and support for people who are compulsive shoplifters. Right now it doesn't look like there are many local groups and none in Phoenix, but they offer self-help programs you can do at home.


You might also consider seeing a counselor or therapist--maybe something like cognitive behavioral therapy can help.


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