Typically, how long will it take to withdrawal off 20mg.daily of methadone and 160mg. of ritalin?

I've been addicted to these

I've been addicted to these two for over 3 yrs.

Granted that's a relatively

Granted that's a relatively low dose of methadone, the bottom line is that you should never come off methadone cold turkey; it could be lethal. reason is because methadone has a half-life that's longer than any other drug of its kind, and after 3 years, methadone has sunk deep into your bones-- it could take 3 weeks or longer to get it out of your system. whenever coming off methadone you should be professionally detoxed, period. methadone is a bitch, the worst kind of opioid bitch there is. i can't comment on the ritalin.


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