Try to kick oxycontin. I have tried flushing my pills but always end up getting more the next day. I have tried counseling but cant get it to go. Any ideas? Has anyone used suboxone to get over it? If so, how long do I have to be on it? How expensive?

I haven't used suboxone, but

I haven't used suboxone, but I know a little about how it works. Because it's still an opioid, stopping it suddenly will cause withdrawal symptoms just like stopping oxycontin, so you need to step down from it gradually. Some people stay on suboxone maintenance treatment for years and others just for weeks--how long you'll need to be on it will depend on a lot of factors, like how much oxycontin you take and the details of your addiction. For the best results, it's usually recommended that suboxone be combined with counseling--the suboxone will help you manage your physical withdrawal symptoms while the counseling helps you deal with the psychological part of your addiction. Then once you have the mental part under control you can taper your suboxone dose.

I think suboxone is pretty expensive--I've seen prices of $6-$8 a pill--but your insurance might pay for it.


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