Friend - Percocet addiction

I know this person that has

I know this person that has been using percocets for at least one year now; he crushes and snorts them. He said it helps them to work faster. He doesn't get these from a doctor-he buys them off the street. It was getting to be a problem because I couldn't stand him doing it. I would see white powder on the counter and a rolled up piece of paper. We recently broke up-he has a new girlfriend already. Prior to this we were together 24/7 for the past year and before that I had known him for a good 2 years.

I know all of his habits-puking throughout the day, sweats, the mood swings were the ABSOLUTE worst!! He also drinks and will take other prescription drugs when he runs out of percoets. He would eat dinner only to puke it up a few minutes later. And he was always depressed, not to mention never in the mood for sex.

Our relationship is over, but I am still very concerned about him. He has blocked my phone number and while I do know where he lives, he won't talk to me anymore. However, I seriously think he has a problem. At what point to I butt in and say something to a family member? It is a very awkward situation.

Hello there. I completely

Hello there. I completely understand your situation and I think it is great that your friend who has someone that cares about him so much. He definitely has a problem if he is taking percocets, crushing them, and snorting them. He is showing all the true tale signs of an addict. Reaching out to addicts is always a tough and touchy situation. The last thing you want to do is come in aggressive and alienate him. Maybe you can try to find him and just share your concern. Let him know that you are worries, you care and that you want to be there for him. See what his reaction is. How is his relationship with his family? If you let his family know will they want to help?


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