percocet 40-90mg a day.I have to quit or I'm going to lose my wife,my child and my business.I have attempted to quit several times with very short periods b4 relapse.My wife refuses to let me get into treatment with methadoan or suboxon.How can i do this

You are not the ony one out

You are not the ony one out there suffering from an opiate addiction. But you are right, it will cause you to lose everything. There are so many dangers involved with prescription narcotics, and rarely do people understand the catasrophic damage these can do to your body and to those who love you. I am in recovery now for almost 2 years and I am still fighting to get my life back. It is a struggle every day but well worth it as opposed to the alternative. Your recovery process depends on the length of time you have been addicted. I have known people who were addicts since highschool that had a difficult time getting clean and then like myself who had only been addicted for about a year and a half it has been different. A support structure is important. The 12 step program has helped me tremendously. For my addiction, the dr's had told me that my best course of action was through nutrition. That after only a year my body was not so dependent as my brain and that therapy would help. Good Luck to you and your family. It is not an easy struggle but if you want it to happen, anything is possible.

So my normal burger, fries,

So my normal burger, fries, and redbull aren't going to help huh?

Hello - I am currently taking

Hello - I am currently taking Suboxan for my pill problem. Methodone was not an option for me, my dr told me never to take methadone, that I wasn't addicted enough for Methadone. I think that it is really geared to heroin addicts, but I don't know that for sure. My dr didn't explain her reasons for telling me to never take methadone. I have been taking Hydrocodon for a little over four years. I was taking about 14 10/325's a day, thats kind of a mid range number. Some days I would take less when I was trying to control it or telling my self that I could quit. When I would run out of hydrocodon, or money, I would tell myself I could quit, then I would get sick, then I would try and tuff it out, then on day three, everytime day three, I would go buy some more, and double up on what I had been taking to get it back into my system. I to almost lost my husband over it, and now we are in debt up to our eyeballs. I spent every dime I had on them, and went to a couple of different Dr.'s. I figured out at the end, I had about a 60$ a day habbit. I went to a detox center two years ago, and I was clean for about a month. They put me on all kinds of antidepresents, and sleeping pills that cost a fortun. I attended AA then, but I couldn't bring myself to go back once I started using again, even though that's why they have meetings. I knew they wouldn't judge me, but I didn't want to admit I was not in control, or that I was dilusional thinking I could control it. Suboxane has been a life saver for me, Litterally. Why on earth would your wife not want you to take them? They completley do away with the withdrawl symptoms. I still think about taking a pill, or a handfull of them everyday, but once suboxane is in your system, opiets won't work on you. It takes three days for suboxan to leave your system, trust me i have tested this out, old habbits die hard. So it's kind of like my security blanket right now also. I know it sounds crazy to take a pill, to stop taking pills, but it does work. And it is a private way to detox. I started in November, the first couple of weeks I was having to take at least two a day, and there were a couple of times I would take three to see if I could get a jolt of energey, or that high I got from Hydrocodone, but It didn't work like that, it just made me nauseus, and I had to go to bed early. It took me a couple of trys to learn, it's not a get high drug. After the first couple of weeks, I went down to one and a half, and some days just one. My dr told me to experiment with it a little. She wrote the script for two a day, but she told me to figure out what dose, and when worked for me. How much did I have to take to not have withdrawl symptoms. Suboxan is not a drug that just any dr can perscribe, they have to have a special license or something, I found the list on this web site actually. I just don't understand why your wife would not want you to take it if it could help you. Suboxan works for the codien. It will fix that, as long as you are taking it.

Sorry to be so wordy - I just wanted to tell you how suboxan is working for me. Maybe you should try talking to your wife again, or maybe you should just look into it without telling her. Did you tell her everytime you went and got pills? Did she know how many you were taking every day? Did she know how long you had been on them? I'm not saying you should lie to her, I'm just saying that If it were me, I would at least talk to a dr about it before I wrote off the possibility of taking suboxen just because your wife told you that not to. Would getting all the facts really put you in a worse position than you are already in? If you are clean right now, and can stay clean then you might not even need the drug. Still knowing its out there, and that it can, and does work, can't hurt.

One last thing - I wouldn't completley give up greasy hamburgers, and red bulls completley - Just maybe in moderation!!

Again - sorry I am so worried! I really hope you are successfull, regardless of which route you chose.

If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get, what you've always got.

Wordy is not an issue when

Wordy is not an issue when listening to someone with something worth hearing(and that can spell.I am amazed at the lack of correct spelling on this site.)I have been off the Percs for ten days.I'm not as sick as I was a week ago.Not as physically sick anyway.Several times over the last ten days I would have without a doubt taken a pill or ten had they been there for the taking.Were you buying your pills off the street or were they perscribed?I too went to an AA meeting just seems strange hanging out with the drunks.It's just different you know?Unless thats all in my head which entirely could be an option.I know about the mone thing too.I have just been lucky business has remained good for me in these times or i to would be broke as hell.The money was my main reason for working toward sobriety.When I started taking thes things they were relatively cheap.Fifteen dollars a day give or take.The same dosage now runs thirty five to fourty a day.It amazes me the crap we do to get high.

Hi Josh, my name is Liv. I

Hi Josh, my name is Liv. I have worked in the field of addiction since I became a nurse in 2002. Not only do I have professional experience, I also have personal experience.
I wanted to write and say CONGRADULATIONS on 10 days clean. By no means are you traveling an easy road, but eventually you will come to a point in your recovery were it is much less of a fight to manage. If taking things day by day seems to be a little much, then set smaller goals. Take it minute by minute.
I have worked with pretty much all forms of Opiate treatments. I also have worked with these treatments in many different settings, from the prisons, to clinics, to in home care programs. My advice to you is to stay away from Methadone treatment programs. It may seem cost effective, but today that seems to be the only plus to it. One mans dosage is another mans poison. Treatment with methadone is very individualized, so those who chose to use the drug illegally are playing a game of Russian Roulette. Methadone will also grant any child or animal a premature death sentence if they happen to get a hold of it. I also have spoke with many who have detoxed from both opiates and methadone. They all stated that methadone detox was an on going nightmare and they would not wish that pain on their worst enemy. Methadone (being a long acting opiate) is stored in the body's fat cells, so it is a very timely procedure to rid the body of its effects.
Medicine and science have made great advances by way of treating drug addiction. Buprenorphine (otherwise known as Suboxone or Subutex) being one of the newest available treatments,can be used as a short or long term detoxification medication. Misuse of buprenorphin is less likely than methadone to result in death. It does not provide a sense of high or euphoria. Doses are still individualized, usually ranging between 12 and 32 milligrams. It is usually taken once a day and it must be dissolved under the tongue. There is little effect if swallowed. This medication can be prescribed by a Doc who has completed the proper training and who has been granted a waver from the DEA, Vs. going to a clinic everyday to receive your dose and working to obtain take home privileges. Treatment with buprenorphin is very private, it can be done within your own home. The detox is much less severe and can be done on a 7 day taper.
I also wanted to make you a where that most communities offer N/A (Narcotics Anonymous) meetings. They are more geared towards drug addiction instead of alcohol addiction. I think you would have better luck finding support at one of those.
Other than all that keep doing what works best for you. I noticed you responded to other peoples questions. Helping others helps you keep the strength to stay clean. Sometimes it makes all the difference in the world just knowing someone is looking up to you for help and advice. I think its wonderful that this website was put together. I hope my help will make a difference. One last piece of advice, the greatest reasons for relapse are people, places, and things. So change things up a bit. Take a class, work on a long lost hobby, or better your talents. I truly believe the arts can help heal. Remember the mind is its own place and in itself can make a Heaven of Hell or a Hell of Heaven. Take care, my Friend and good luck to you!


Success Isn't Happiness, Finding Happiness is Successs!


I like what olivia had to

I like what olivia had to say...and I agree with her on the methadone as well as the arts. Find things that excite you, intrigue you. Make a date with your wife and do something different. Ease back into your family and enjoy them. The suboxone, once again, is not a good idea. Though it has helped Kookyone, I think that if you are 10 days clean, you have surpassed the physical detox stage and relying on medication to maintain is only trading one addiction for another. Suboxone is very expensive and most insurance companies don't cover it. And I'm sure you didn't tell your wife every time you bought pills or how many you were taking,I know I didn't share that with anyone, especially those I love, but why lie? I have found that lying has brought me deeper into my depression and drug addiction even once I got clean. Lies seem to be the devils playground. No relationship will last if it is built on lies. Trust me, that is why even after two years I'm trying still to get my life back! Joshua, it sounds like you are doing the right thing and making it work. even when days are hard. Find that support structure, engage in new activities, stop and smell the roses! it all makes a difference, and be honest with those you love and trust. They will help get you through. Good Luck

Hey Josh, Just checking in to

Hey Josh, Just checking in to see how you are doing and whats new with you? Hope all is well with you and yours. If you ever need a friend, feel free to message me.

Success Isn't Happiness, Finding Happiness is Successs!


Methadone is Suboxene (with

Methadone is Suboxene (with an antagonist). It is all bupenephrine (search the generic names for the drugs - my spelling is wrong). They are bad for your bones and should only be used to get off one drug and never long-term. Just as a short-term crutch to avoid withdrawals.

Look at my recent writing about Suboxone.

I think Ibogaine is never talked about here but has real hope for lots of people. It would have saved my Dad's life it had been available in the 80's.

i am in the same boat. Own a

i am in the same boat. Own a business, and if my wife ever finds out, i will lose everthing. been taking 200 to 300 MG a day of percs or OC's for 2 1/2 years now. Only time i quit was on my honeymoon 1 1/2 years ago. i was sick 6 of the 8 days. no sleeping, could not eat, or get off the toilet. All i wanted was more percs. tried to go to a doctor for suboxone, but they want you to sit through some BS classes, and they give them to you as they feel you need them. You are also expected to go to their group sesions at night. Since nobody can find out about my problem, this woudnt work for me. I had to get the suboxone the same way i get the percs and OC's. But, i have been clean now 4 days with almost no WD's, and can sleep at night. I highly suggest getting the suboxone any way possibe. It even seems to cure the desire to get high. Good luck. it is the toughest thing i have ever been through, and would not wish this on anyone. It seems like now, everybody and their brother wants percs. its the new cocaine.

I wouldn't suggest getting

I wouldn't suggest getting Suboxon any way possible - Find a Dr that can perscribe it. I found mine on this web site - but at this point Olivia is right - If you've been clean for 10 days then the only thig Suboxon would do for you know is prevent any kind of Opiet from working on you, at least that's what my doc told me. You should have made it through the physical withdrawl by now - it's the mental that's a pain in the a**!! I still take Suboxon, sometimes one a day sometimes every other day. I use it as a security blanket. Again like Olivia said - trading one for the other. But the Suboxon doesn't get you high - it doesn't cost me 50 - 60 bucks a day, and I am not lying to everyone under the sun about it. Everyone recovers differently. Also - I have been to AA & NA over the years, they are both great programs, So I would go wherever you feel most comfortable. I'm glad everyone is doing well.

If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get, what you've always got.

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