My sister had been taking Lortab (Hydrocodone) for more than 20 years. How long does it take for it to wear off if she quit taking it as she did, cold turkey, about a month ago?

A month? I would have

A month? I would have expected her to be free and clear of the drug by now and feeling better. Hydrocodone's half life is very short. what might be happening as much as anything else is the psychological aspect-- that's as hard as the physical part. She's used to popping these pills for 20 years, that's a hard habit to break.


I think you are right. Her

I think you are right. Her mind is just all over the place and I'm hoping that it's just the withdrawal happening and that she's not Bi-Polar or something else. She has always taken Prozac.

Well she may be a

Well she may be a dual-diagnosis case, in which she needs to be treated for her addiction and for her potential mental health problems. I think though that it's too early to say; she's freshly off the drugs, you'll have to assume she'll be up and down for a while.


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