Is there anyway our family can make my father go into some sort of treatment?? Hes not only drinking 30-50 beers/day, he takes ambien, vicoden & several over the counter medications... We need help!!

He not only endangering

He not only endangering himself he is endangering the family. He gets up & turns the stove & oven on. Will make coffee with no coffee pot. He urinates in the house. We dont know where to turn or what to do... Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.. Thank you

To my knowledge you can't

To my knowledge you can't force anyone into rehab. You could stage an intervention, but you can't have him committed based solely on him being a drug addict. No one wants to wait until he hurts himself, family, or strangers, that might force him into jail, but the only thing may be the intervention, and if that doesn't take, I don't know- can you throw him out of the house? Help him reach rock bottom?



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