Is there a danger in taking generic drugs? Maybe rx drugs that are made in other countries?

There is always a danger

There is always a danger taking any drug that may cause someone to create a tolerance to it. Tolerance leads to dependence and that is the root of addiction.

If you mean any sort of

If you mean any sort of generic drug, there's a danger if you're not sure the source is trustworthy, because you won't know for sure what's in the drug or whether it's even effective. If you buy drugs from random spam or sites on the Internet, you might get random results. Generic drug equivalents you buy from a drugstore or pharmacist are perfectly ok, and usually a lot cheaper than name brands. Just look at the active ingredient and see if it's the same.

There's a danger in taking

There's a danger in taking any drug that isn't purchased from a reputable source. If you buy your drugs from a pharmacy then taking a generic drug should be no more dangerous than taking its name-brand equivalent.

For most people generic drugs are a great and cheaper alternative to expensive name brands. They should have the same active ingredient, although I've read that sometimes differences in the other nonactive ingredients change the way some people respond to generic drug vs. name-brand drugs. I don't really know the details about that and I don't think it affects safety.

I don't know about OTC drugs like cold medicines, but I've always assumed that generic brands are just as safe and don't remember ever reading or hearing otherwise.



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