Is the Ashton Manual Universely Accepted?

Although not everyone uses

Although not everyone uses the Ashton Manual explicitly, most addiction recovery professionals have bought into Ashton's methodology in terms of organized tapering.

The Ashton Manual is based on

The Ashton Manual is based on scientific research and clinical experience, so most professionals in the field of addiction treatment and recovery consider it a useful comprehensive resource on the existing medical literature relating to benzodiazepines. Experts agree that tapering off benzodiazepines is necessary to avoid serious side effects, and the Ashton Manual provides guidelines for this that many find useful. Recovery centers and doctors who treat addiction often follow very similar methodology, but the Ashton Manual really seems to be most popular with patients. It can serve as a useful guide to help patients understand the treatment they are undergoing under a medical professional's supervision. Many support groups for benzodiazepine addicts recommend the book to their members as a good source of background information (that should be used in addition to consulting a doctor).


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