I take 5 percocets an 3 dilauded a day due to 3 herniated discks, my meds were stolen during new year how long is the withdrawls going to last?

For how long had you been

For how long had you been taking the medication? If it was only for a couple weeks, then w/ds shouldn't be bad. But if it's been going on for several months or more than a year, I would bet that you will feel sick for 3-5 days, with the worst of it maybe peaking 72 hours after your last dose.

Both percocet and dilaudid have very short half-lives, a few hours at most. That's to your benefit.


TY Nikki for your awnser to

TY Nikki for your awnser to my question

Good luck plainoldpain, i

Good luck plainoldpain, i know what a horrible experience it is to go cold turkey. I hope things work out for you...



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