I have been taking suboxone for 9 months and would like to know what to expect when i stop taking it?

I started taking suboxone

I started taking suboxone because i was/am addicted to pain medications for chronic pain. I had a laminectomy/fusion in 2003 L3,4,5. Prior to the surgery I was taking in excess about 12-15 norco 10/325 a day. After surgery i took 4-6 a day. By then i was addicted and it exculated from there. I would take up to 10-12 a day depending on my supply. When it got to the point where the dr's wouldn't give me the supply i would take other avenues to get the drug supply i needed until i felt like i was some crazy person and any thing i did had to be planned around the amount of medication i had. So my husband at his witts end researched and found suboxone. It is truly the miracle drug for those who want to get off opiates, however it does not stop the pain and the medication the dr will prescribe for you for pain is 800 mg ibuprofen which will and can make you sick.
so now the bone degenerative disease i have has progressed and my neck has 3 compressed disks and causes me so much pain as well as my back has never stopped but truly the surgery did help because before i had it, the pain consumed my mind to the point where caring on a conversation with me was almost impossible due to the little to no patience i had for anyone or anything because of the pain has started to worsen to the point that standing for longer than 15-20 minutes is impossible again. I Do Not want to have surgery again. The steriod shot and pills to keep imflamation down has some serious side effects too. My skin is very sensitive and retaining fluid looking and feeling bloated but because of the risk of severe dehydration can't take the diuretics and fat burners because the ibuprofen /suboxone/steriods/ causes kidney damage/influcuation of hormoines. Please suggest something I could live with. Has anyone had success in relieving pain without building a tolerance to the point where you act like something other than human and feel worse than that?

I am sorry to hear about your

I am sorry to hear about your situation. Suboxone can be very helpful to move someone into recovery after being on opiates used as pain relievers. It seems though that you still need to be on pain management to help with your condition. Is that correct? Have you discussed alternatives with your physician?

If you have bone issues you

If you have bone issues you should not be on methadone or bupenephrine (not sure if I spelled it right). Suboxone is just an opiate antogonizer with methodone (a synthetic opiate). It is really bad for your liver, a worse addiction / withdrawal and is known to degenerate bones. Someone I know who was on it broke 5 bones in less than a year. Subutex or Suboxone is great if you use it short-term just to get off or switch from opiates to avoid a really bad withdrawal but now you're addicted to the Suboxone from eating for 9 months. And now you don't have many options because Suboxone is the best out there for transitioning. But it was supposed to be just for transitioning not another addiction or maintenance drug.

I would look into international Ibogaine treatment. of all the ex-addicts I know they claim that is the most successful. I just went to the 2009 conference and they filmed the entire thing. It should have a DVD coming out for those who couldn't make it. i also think they have the live recording on ustream but it was a volunteer's first time streaming so it wasn't meant to be good quality but good enough to listen and get the idea of what the doctors and scientists are saying about Ibogaine. Just research it online. I would try the one over border in Arizona or New Mexico (sorry I forgot where the Paul guy was from but it was one of the two) or the one in Tijuana. Those two doctors I met seemed the nicest.

They put you on Oxy or other opiates to make you comfortable until you finish testing and then they withdraw you with Ibogaine once you pass the physical. I would send my partner there if we had the money. You have to figure travel costs into the cost. I do know that if money is an issue they will negotiate. (They told me that once I have at least most or part of the funds to contact them anyways.)

I hope this helps. Feel free to email me at depressionquestions@gmail.com with questions. I can tell you what I learned at the conference. Although you should probably talk to a doctor or professional.

What does this phrase from

What does this phrase from this acticle mean "Suboxone is just an opiate antogonizer with methodone (a synthetic opiate)" What is suboxone,? and
what is an opiate antogonizer ?


DT- Suboxone is a 'partial

Suboxone is a 'partial opiate agonist' meaning that one part of the active two drugs in Suboxone works like an opiate; the other drug does not. In fact that sentence you're quoting is nonsense because Suboxone and methadone are very different opiate painkillers.

However, both drugs are synthetic opiates. What this means in sum is that they are made, synthesized, to act just like a certain other drug. For instance, most opiate painkillers are synthetics that are made from the opium poppy. The poppy itself, the plant, is not used; rather, pharmacologically the medications are synthesized to act just like the active ingredient in that plant.

So an opiate agonist is a drug that works like a pain killer. An opiate antagonist is a drug that works AGAINST a painkiller. Suboxone is a popular drug that has a little of each- partial opiate agonist- so it delivers a 'high', and an antagonist, so that it prevents abuse.


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