I have been taking 7.5/500 Hydrocodone everyday for 4 months, I take around 10/day...I need help to stop this has consumed my life and I don't know what to do??!!

You have developed a serious

You have developed a serious habit. I think you should try and find an outpatient treatment facility or a private doctor, either of whom can detox you painlessly for the most part. I don't think detox should take more then 3-5 days and it'll be out of your system. After that, you need to figure out WHY you started abusing the pills. So clean up first, then tackle the psychological stuff.


The brain experiences changes

The brain experiences changes when you become addicted to opiates. I think you are past the point of trying to heal from this on your own. You are going to experience some physical and mental issues while coming off the pills. You do have options though. You could try it cold turkey, a taper of the drug you are using, Suboxone (short term), meetings for support.
There are so many factors when you get addicted. Are you prescribed the pills? Are you willing to do whatever it takes to free yourself of the hell you are going through? Remember that things are not going to get better quickly- you did not get here overnight- so you won't recover overnight either. Just make sure that you try to get some support while you go through this, it makes a world of difference.

I have been a recovering

I have been a recovering addict for four years, the only thing is is that I've been on methadone the whole four years. But before I started taking the methadone my life was a disaster always in trouble with the law and I would take whatever and however much I could get my hands on and now I'm out of all my trouble I actually make good decisions my life is just so obviously better I have to take something because I have very bad pain everyday so my question is does that mean I can put myself in the catagory of a recovering addict?

Confused- Forget about

Forget about categories and address these questions, if not here, at least to yourself, and answer them honestly: Do you take more Methadone than you are prescribed? Do you take it when you don't need it? In sum, are you abusing it? If you're taking it as prescribed and not chasing after more meds, then I think you're simply being treated for a chronic health issue- the pain.

You're not an addict if you're not acting like one, and you know how addicts act. Are you doing those things?

Either way stick to the script.


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