I have been taking 20-25 percocets a day {snorting them } i want to stop i have tried but i end up back on them.

i just dont know how to get

i just dont know how to get off them

listen to me BigBB,and listen

listen to me BigBB,and listen closely: the desire to want to quit is a great start. But you're on a fairly high dose of percocets, so you're going to need to be detoxed for about 5-7 days. Otherwise the withdrawals will render you hideous.

Options include:
Klonapin (patch is best)

if you can't afford a 30 day in-patient, look for certified addiction specialists inyour area who will treat you on an outpatient basis for detox.

You gotta shake this shit, and that starts now. Good luck.


ty nikki ,i am really afraid

ty nikki ,i am really afraid of the withdrawl part any time i have tried on my own i failed because my withdrawls were so bad .i will look into out patient info ty ,today was a big step for me admitting to my family and friends i have this problem they had no idea

I understand, fearing the

I understand, fearing the dopesickness is the worst because it truly is horrible. That's why I'm urging you to get detoxed. Cold turkey is hell on earth. And it's not necessary. Trying to taper yourself down, that doesn't work either although a lot of us try it, many times.

Like I said, I don't think you'll need more than say 5 days of detox. Oxycodone, the narcotic in Percocet, has a very short half-life-- it's in your body and out of your body pretty quickly, a few hours at most. Still, taking 25-30 a day is a lot. Plus you're ingesting a shitload of Tylenol, well over 8,000 mg per day in total, when the recommended daily maximum is 4,000, so the pills could be hurting your stomach, kidneys, liver. Even more reason to stop.


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