I have been off Percocet for 13 mnths but I still have cravings, is this normal? Or am is this something that's just in my head? I was taking 10mg every 3-4 hrs & 10mg oxycontin 2x/d - for a good 4 mths and percocets 5mg prn for pain before that.

i think you're touching on

i think you're touching on just why addiction is so difficult to overcome, and why some people are so strongly in favor of 12 step programs.

you could experience cravings for years to come, but you should also expect them to fade over time. this is the psychological aspect of addiction, and while the physical aspect -- withdrawals etc -- are so hideous, that aspect tends to be measured in days or weeks. it's how you go about dealing with cravings and temptation and depression and low moments in your life from here on out. 12 step tries to address this long-term response through sheer intervention, like "you're having cravings, get to a meeting!"

that might work for some, not for others. something or many somethings trigger your cravings. it would be useful for you to determine what they are so that you can craft methods to deal with them ahead of time.



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