I had been taking 60mg of roxicet daily for hip pain. I got a steriod shot and pain went away. My doc gave me some ultram and valuim for 3 days, after which I experienced no withdrawals. Am I actually clean now?

How long had you been taking

How long had you been taking the Roxicet? That's not a terribly high amount of Roxicet, and if it's only been a few weeks then you're good.

However, if you've been on Roxicet for a long time, some doctors like to use Ultram to detox patients, which could be what he was doing.

The bottom line is this: Do you NEED the Roxicets? Are you feeling dopesick or fluish? Do you wish you had more Roxy's? If not, you're good. Walk away from opioids. Congratulations!



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