i am prescriped to 15 mg of adderall in the morning but i either snort just that one pill or ill get a craving for it and take up to 120 mg.or just 90 mg when i party or just active.idontknow if im addicted or not.any help or comments?

Look, whether or not you're

Look, whether or not you're clinically 'addicted' or not isn't quite the issue yet. First, let's confront the fact that you are abusing drugs. How do I know this? 1. You're snorting the pill. Changing the delivery of the meds is one sign that you want to get hit faster then the pill would allow, 2. you mention taking more than you are prescribed, and 3. you're taking it when you're partying, and not when you're supposed to be taking it. Those are all signs of abuse.

Now, are you addicted? Well, what happens when you run out of adderall? do you lie to your doctor to get more? Do you hit up friends for theirs, or buy off the streets? Do you go into depression and withdrawals? Is taking excessive adderall negatively affecting your life?

Frankly, if you haven't developed a true addiction yet, you are well on your way. You are, according to a single post, showing many of the signs that would suggest abuse and dependence.



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