How do I help my husband with his Xanax Addiction when the Doctor keeps refilling his prescription?

He quit drinking 3 weeks ago

He quit drinking 3 weeks ago and supposedly quit taking his Xanax also. I think he has been still taking it, but I have not seen him do it or seen him drink. He called me today and said he had his doctor get him a prescription of nerve pills, but he wasn't sure what they were called. I CALLED THE DOCTOR!! She prescribed him Xanax again with one refill, but would not refill his pain pills (Hydrocodone). He is having knee surgery on Friday (two days)- Supposedly he is nervous and having a tough time (This is his sob story that the doctor believes) What do I do???? I don't want in this relationship anymore - When he is taking the Xanax and drinking, he sleeps alot and is very mean talking, we he is NOT drinking and taking Xanax, he is mean talking, irritable, maybe has a couple good days and then hateful, doesn't care wether he is alive, etc

Johnia Franklin

The fact that his doctor is

The fact that his doctor is willing to continue filling his prescription is definitely a problem, but I would say that the fact that your husband keeps taking the medication is a bigger problem. You can try talking to his doctor again--she can't tell you much about his treatment, but she can listen to your concerns.

What really needs to happen, though, is for your husband to face his addiction problems. Narconon has an article called How to Help a Friend or Family Member Addicted to Drugs that might provide some useful information ( There's only so much you can do--a lot of the work is up to him. But even though you can't control your husband or his doctor, you do have the ability to control yourself and your actions.

Counseling can be very helpful for people in difficult relationships like yours, even if you go without your husband. You might also consider joining a support group, like's Friends/Family of Addicts Support Group.



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