Could he be back on pills?

Gonna try and make a long

Gonna try and make a long story short. My fiance of 3 years went to rehab bout 4 months ago. It was a 5 day program to detox off of lortab and zanex. He was taking 10-12 at a time several times a day. He did the program and week later relasped. Did some cocaine as well. Went to one appointment with an addiction counselor. He says he is clean. But lately he is dozing off while eating again. He is eating sweets like crazy even for breakfast at times. Sometimes he is non stop energy and other times he is relaxed. I cant find any pills but I hear this obsession with sweets is a sign. He will drink 2 or 3 large milkshakes at a time and still want more sweets. Is cravings sweets a sign of pill use?

I know from my experience

I know from my experience with Xanax use...YES, the is a sign of being back on them...I crave anything sweet when I take them...and it is an uncontrollable urge to eat anything high in sugar.

One, trust your instincts on

One, trust your instincts on this-- if you're suspecting he's back on the pills he very likely is. The issue with sweets is generally associated with opioids, I couldn't eat a meal without something sweet afterwards when I was on pills, so yeah, it's what I would call a non-specific symptom of pill abuse, meaning it certainly could apply, but it also may be nothing. You get my point.



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