Anybody ever heard of Withdrawal-Ease? It's a nutritional supplement that is supposed to help with withdrawals. I've heard a couple people say some good things about it but I figured I'd ask here -

I came across Withdrawal-Ease

I came across Withdrawal-Ease while doing some research. The website provides a list of ingredients and what they're supposed to do. The site also has (VERY) brief references to scientific studies to support the herbal supplement's effectiveness. The studies are real, but how the herbs in the studies were administered, what dose they used, etc are all very specific. Just because Withdrawal-Ease contains them as ingredients doesn't mean they'll work at that amount or administered as a pill.

Basically, the medical consensus seems to be that Withdrawal-Ease shouldn't really have any effect on withdrawal symptoms, but go ahead and use it if you think it helps you. Maybe it's just the placebo effect, but who cares why it helps as long as it does?



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