Why is Provigil so dismissed as nonaddictive?? I am going to rehab due to it?? Anyone else try provigil?? I read up on provigil it is chemically identical to ritalin which I battled w/yrs. ago and had to detox for.

Why is Provigil so dismissed

Why is Provigil so dismissed as nonaddictive?? I am going to rehab due to it?? Anyone else try provigil?? I read up on provigil it is chemically identical to ritalin which I battled w/yrs. ago and had to detox for. has been created.
I decided that after much consideration and gaining confidence for you all and my hubby and my best?

... friend I would reach out an addiction specialist for much needed help. Well I called about 20 of these specialist and so got about 10 return calls. Of these calls 6 of them said they didn't take my insurance or went taking new patients. The other 4 said they couldnt work with me because I was an addictive users so it wouldn't be productive but they would see me once I went to detox and they told me I had to detox before any specialist could meet w/ me which actually made sense to me. So I called the mental health clinicans with my tufts health plan and they told me to detox at norcap in norwood, ma so I called them and told them I was an active drug abuser and then she asked me what drug it was so I told her and she said "oh hmm I am not sure what that is and now that i rethink this you can wean yourself down" and I got mad so I said "don't u think if I could simply do that I would" she said well I really don't know this med I am going to talk to our nurse practitioner about this and call u back well after a hour I called her back and she said ummm yeah I told to the people here and they said you really should just go to a NA group. She said we really only work with people who have addictions such as cocaine or heroin. Again I got mad and said so let me get this right you will not even assess me because I don't have a needle dangling out of my arm and u don't even know what provigil is!! She h/u on me!!! I was crushed!!! I cried badly! So then I tried calling my therapist and she left for the day... figures. I called my insurance again & told them what happened so she told me to call norwood hospital and they also dismissed the exact same way norcap did so I h/u and bawled so bad again but this to I worked myself into a panic attack and vomited and worked myself into a serious nervous breakdown. Then I called my PCP because I didnt know who else to call. They said they would love to help but its not their speciality which I really understand really. It was awful that day it was literally my worse fears coming true which was being dismissed when I finally got the courage to reach out to the mental health community so it tore me apart when i was dismissed. Next day I met with my therapist and she called the crisis hotline and get back to me she did and arranged with my local er that I go there to be assessed mentally and physically due--- physically due to stopping cold turkey they want to monitored my heart thoroughly. Also, I have started telling my family out of necessity as this wknd is fathers day and i have to tell my dad why i am absent and he is not the person to not be extremely noisey about why you can't come to this "HUGE" celebration in his honor as a father (fucking bad dad). So my mom called last night and said I sounded tired and then quickly followed it up w/up "are u on drugs"??? So I seized the moment knowing it would end badly because I have the family from hell. Anyway, I told her everything she yesed me to death each time she sounded more and more pissed. So finally I said so what do you think because u sound mad!!! She said nope its whatever. Then she said I have to gather my thoughts about this and pick up your sick grandmother so not only do I have to deal with your poor grandmother now I am going to have worry about you so I stifled my sobs and said ok and we said bye and h/u so I quickly before hubby could see grabbed a steak knife and went into bathroom and cut my leg apart bad, bad, badly very very close to needing stitches. So I am holding my breath to go to er tomorrow and having them dismiss me again because its only provigil and stress over my dad and sis's reaction to this because they will stalk me to get an answer meaning they will call me nonstop at home on my cell my friends my hubby the ER my the therapist and so on so my hands are tired just scared and nauseous about everything


Jennifer, You absolutely

You absolutely can't give up! You can get past this and you WILL GET BETTER.

I wish I could reach out to you more directly, but because I cannot, I hope you survive the current crisis and return to read this...

First, you didn't say if you were prescribed the drug or got it some other way. If you were prescribed it, your first point of contact is whomever wrote the prescription. They have a duty to help you and make a referral if it's warranted.

Second, provigil didn't demonstrate physical withdrawal to the degree other medicines do, so it wasn't classified as strictly as ritalin or other stimulant type drugs. Of course, that is only a general statement and might not apply to what you are experiencing. But it does affect how the medical community responds to you. I don't know how your insurance works, but could you see a regular doctor to get a recommendation? I know my health coverage always starts that way -- they simply won't take my word for anything!

NA is worth attending. You will immediately get people who want to help you directly. And the group WILL LISTEN. You need some allies! Many of these people have been through the system. And they know how things work where you are located. Use them, even if only online.

Please come back and let us know what's happening.

Bill Morrison

Wow, I share your

Wow, I share your frustration. I too am struggling trying to find a detox program for a member of my family who does not even realize that he is addicted to this drug to the point of not remembering things, anxiety, depression, no personality, and a host of other symptoms. He denies that he has a problem and when I try to "talk" about the problem it always turns out to be my fault and turns into something else entirely, not even about the drug. I do hope that you are able to find help from someone. It seems like someone could help. I do wish you the best and hope that you find some way to come off of this drug.


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