This is to long of a question to fit so I will continue in a comment. I had been smoking meth for a few days. My boyfriend and I were having sex when he all of a sudden got a surge of energy and become more aggressive and rough. Which I really enjoy....

Especially when high. He

Especially when high. He doesn't smoke it. Never has. When I smoke some expels from my skin all over. And I mean EVERYWHERE! So I'm wondering if he could have gotten high from it. The next day he said he felt out of it an went on to describe a meth come down. Which as I stated he's never gone through. I read up on it and have found mixed answers. Is it possible?

I guess my first question

I guess my first question would be, how do you know that it's expelling from your skin? The only conceivable way in my mind would be through the pores of your skin in the form of sweat, and the exchange is made that way, but even cancer patients can have sex while receiving chemotherapy treatment and I've never heard any warnings about exchange of sweat as a means of transferring any of the chemo from one to the other. Other fluids maybe, but not sweat.


It's not sweat that im

It's not sweat that im talking about. It's white crystal like flecks. I've read that it's forced out when your body refuses or can't process it all through your system. It smells like a lighter version of whats in the bag. I heard that sometimes people smoke it but I'm not crazy enough to smoke myself to find out if it gets you high. It comes out everywhere from my face to my heels to my vagina. Sometimes I can feel the chemicals in it burning my skin. And I've never gotten crazy on meth. No invisible bugs or voices. I'm actually more calm and at ease when I smoke.

Wow, I have never heard of

Wow, I have never heard of such a thing. I believe you but I'm not familiar with any other substance--not even the worst dioxins that can't be processed by the kidneys-- coming out of the skin. thing is, if you're smoking it, then it gets in your lungs, which transfer it to the blood and on to the brain and then it gets filtered from the blood into the urine. Expelling through the skin is just off the charts to me.


I'll have to try and find the

I'll have to try and find the piece I read on it expelling through the skin and post a link. I'll have to see of there is a contact address or something on it as well. I'm really curious as to if I got him high.

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