The tenant who lives upstairs from us i think she is smoking meth. I have talked to the police and they think so too. it comes through the ventilation system and i think it is bothering me mental state and weigt gain. Is this possible?

I know people who have had

I know people who have had the same problem with cigarette smoke coming through the ventilation system, so I would think meth smoke could too. Secondhand meth exposure hasn't had as much research as secondhand cigarette smoke, but it's definitely a real thing. For example, kids whose parents are meth users or dealers have been known to test positive for meth when given urine tests by social service agencies. These kids probably have much more exposure to meth than you do from the ventilation system, but I think it's a legitimate concern. Even if the meth itself isn't affecting your mental state and weight gain, worrying about it certainly could be. I hope you find some way to resolve the issue!



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