Ive been in NA/ group counseling for over 19 months and I dream of using ! UGH! Like I ever want to go down that path again. SO why do I keep dreaming these kinds of dreams?

Recovery is very difficult. I

Recovery is very difficult. I think that our bodies have been so used to being on the drug of choice that it will sometimes slip even into our subconscious. I think so many of us know how difficult it is to stay in recovery. I started to get into a number of physical activities (sports, etc) that really helped as well. I know that over time these dreams will go away. --Tom

Hello, First of all,

First of all, congratulations on your 19 months of recovery. I have several reactions to your using-dreams question. Use of alcohol or other drugs in a pattern sufficient to reach addiction results in toxic effects on the brain's neurochemistry. Actively using addicts and alcoholics rarely have normal sleep, tend to pass out, and do not usually go through the normal phases of sleep, such as the REM sleep phase. It is theorized that REM sleep is important to individual's ability to work out conflicts. In any event, individuals in rtecovery go through difficul;t adjustments, while their brains heal, including needing to learn how to sleep. There is often a period of frequent nightmares, including using dreams. So, using dreams seem a normal part of recovery.

In my experience, using, or drunk dreams, are frequent during the first 4-5 years and then drop off in frequency. I'm clean and sober over 31 years now, and haven't had a using dream that I can recall, for perhaps 5 years. Drunk or using dreams DO NOT, in my view, reflect on the quality of a person's recovery, or necessarily suggest the pseron's recovery program is faulty. My advice to people in recovery whom I work with, is to treat the using dream as solid proof that no addict or alcoholic is ever cured and that we all are just one drink or drug away from relapse and disaster.
Jan Williams

Jan Edward Williams, MS, JD, LCADC

Again i suggest international

Again i suggest international Ibogaine treatment to anyone who is in good physical condition and still has cravings or is still using and wants to quit. Research Ibogaine for cravings.


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