I have a stepson who used meth for the last 3-4 years and recently moved into our home until he can get back on his feet. Then shortly after he moved in we discovered that he began on a binge. Can someone like him quit using on there own?

I think the answer is No.

I think the answer is No. That's wishful thinking. That's what everyone wants to happen. It's easiest that way. Now, can a person quit meth one their own, without any help? I imagine it happens. But I would bet they're in the minority. Small minority.

The problem with meth addiction is that a suitable treatment has, to my knowledge, not yet been developed.

Is he snorting, smoking, or shooting the meth? I think the gravity of his addiction goes up with each- snorting, easier to quit. Smoking, getting much harder, shooting, well, that's a whole other ballgame.

And remember that quitting drugs isn't just about stopping the ingestion of drugs, it's about behavior modification, about getting used to life not being high. He has probably done almost everything for the last few years high on meth, and now he has to relearn these things sober. It sucks. It really sucks. and it's really easy to fall back into it.

At the very least I think he should have a support system outside of family that he can turn to if he wants to get high, someone who can talk him out of it.

Because your family can't do it. You can't heal him. You're not professional addiction specialists (I mean, as far as I know).



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