How fast does one become addicted to Meth?

I'm not sure one to get to

I'm not sure one to get to that answer before your already there??? It's like asking, "How many licks does it take to get to the middle of a Lollipop?" I can tell you from experience as a recoverying meth addict, don't try to find out. If you know someone who is using, get them help. Or at least be there for them as they try to recover. It's an ugly drug that is very addictive. When you're convinced you can control it, it's too late. Good Luck

Like other addictions, it

Like other addictions, it depends on the person. Meth is an extremely addictive drug and you can develop an addiction quickly. How quickly depends on a lot of factors, like how often you use, how much you use, your own biochemistry and history of addiction, and the way you take it. Smoking meth is one of the more addictive method of using because it gets the drug to your brain very quickly.

Meth works quickly and delivers an intense high, but you come down just as quickly and crave more. Many people become addicted before they even realize it, and it's one of the hardest drug addictions to beat.


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