dopamine system able to heal by its self after chronic meth use

would like for a RESPONSE

would like for a RESPONSE nobody seems to know thankss

It is seriously very hard for

It is seriously very hard for your body to recover from years and years of meth addiction. Your brain will not know when or why to produce dopamine after you stop using. At least this is what we discussed in our group meeting for Heroin Addiction. It was told to us by 2 counselor's. I have seen the effects of longterm drug use for years now. It is really really hard for one's body to be able to return to normal after years of abuse and especially the brain. It's the most damaged in the years of drug use. I hope that this helps and answers your question. Let me know if you have anymore questions. I will try and answer them, I am new here. Okay from Debrinconcita in Portland Oregon.

Hi there. The brain is able

Hi there. The brain is able to heal itslef and return to normal but there have been many studies that after chronic drug use with drugs such as meth the brain is not able to return to its "normal", pre drug state.

i know i have some permanent

i know i have some permanent damage from my use of Hallucinogens. i have very little short term memory, long term is not as bad although i wish it were the other way around. i lose thoughts in the middle of a sentences and then stand there trying to figure out what i was saying, i know what i want to say but just stutter.
they told me years ago this would get better but it has not.

Not necessarily. Meth is

Not necessarily. Meth is toxic to the central nervous system's dopamine system and it can't always heal itself after chronic meth use. Studies suggest that permanent brain changes might be a consequence of chronic meth use. Brain imaging technology has shown that chronic meth abuse changes how the brain functions and even its very structure. Changes in some parts of the brain appear to reverse after a year or more of no meth use, but other brain areas showed no recovery even after two years.

Studies haven't shown that meth use causes dopamine cell death, though, so there is the potential for the dopamine system to recover at least partially with time.


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