Who here thinks that marijuana should be legal?

This is always a tough one.

This is always a tough one. First of all you have alcohol and prescription drugs that are legal yet they are highly abused and responsible for destructive behaviors and many deaths as well. I would say that maybe it should be legal only if it was highly regulated but still there would be a lot of abuse so that is the danger.

Where I live at least - the

Where I live at least - the Pacific Northwest of North America - illegality has no effect on usage rates. I'm more likely to smell cannabis smoke when I'm walking down the sidewalk than tobacco smoke (which is a good change because tobacco smoke is a lot stinkier and gives me an instant headache).

The illegality of producing and distributing cannabis does encourage the growth of crime, however, and the billions of dollars in annual sales of pot - which is currently about $200/ounce, relatively cheap given the potency - produce no tax revenue to deal with the inevitable social costs that will emerge.

Drug prohibitionism is a social case of the same sort of denial that affects individuals suffering from addiction. Transparency would be better for everyone - cannabis is an established part of Western society, and it's not going away.

Picking which drugs should be

Picking which drugs should be legal or illegal is such a tricky question. I think that it makes more sense for marijuana to be legal than for tobacco to be. Marijuana at least has proven medicinal value, and tobacco/nicotine are known carcinogens that are highly addictive. But maybe it would make even more sense for both marijuana and tobacco to be illegal. After all, there are dangers associated with both.

My view is that marijuana should be a controlled substance, but not completely illegal. In other words, it should be available by prescription only. There are many prescription drugs that are dangerous when used incorrectly and are prone to abuse, but that doesn't mean people shouldn't have access to them, because they serve a real medical purpose when used as prescribed. Still, I don't feel strongly enough about marijuana's value as a medicinal drug to fight for its legality.



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