I think I have a Facebook Addiction. Anybody else?

Most definitely. I had to

Most definitely. I had to take the facebook app off of my blackberry because I was constantly on it. I used to use myspace all of the time and then switched to facebook. I fear what is next.

I definitely have the same

I definitely have the same problem, but I haven't gotten to the point where I need to completely refrain from. It really is a waste of time.

It really does seem like

It really does seem like Facebook can be addictive! My friends and I always said that everyone who joined went through a period of addiction where they would constantly update their status, look up people they barely knew, and join every group possible. It seems like for most of us it's a transitory "addiction" and Facebook eventually loses its luster. Still, I do sometimes find myself really wasting time with social networking things like Facebook, even though I know I have better things to be doing. I wrote about a recent survey that found that some people even admitted they would stop having sex to check Facebook! That really sounds like an addiction, doesn't it?




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