How many hours a day does someone need to be on the Internet to be considered an Internet addict?

I think it depends if they

I think it depends if they are pushing away other aspects of their life because they are on the internet all of the time. Friends, families, social engagements...

Once again Facebook is a

Once again Facebook is a tool, but like any tool, especially the Internet, it can be used for bad as well as good. If a person feels agitated by not being on Facebook and seems to be escaping deeper issues, then Facebook can certainly be considered a legitimate expression of an Internet Addiction.

Addiction isn't really

Addiction isn't really defined by the amount of time you spend doing something but rather how you feel about the behavior and how it affects your life. You can spend just an hour or two on the Internet a day, but if you feel like you have to do it and you do it even when you're supposed to be doing other things, you might be addicted. It does seem logical that the more time you spend on the Internet the more likely you are to be an addict--for instance, if you're spending 8+ hours a day surfing the web it's probably more likely to interfere with your life than if you spend half that time. Still, being addicted is about whether you do it compulsively and despite negative consequences, not a certain number of hours.


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