Are companies doing something to battle Internet Addiction?

Many companies, sensing that

Many companies, sensing that the Internet affects work production have instituted blocks on what employees can or cannot view. This cuts down on employee web surfing.

I know of companies that have

I know of companies that have zero tolerance policies when it comes to Internet surfing. It seems to work.

Like the jon316 and charles

Like the jon316 and charles mentioned above, companies are instituting policies to curb excessive Internet use at work. This includes installing software that restricts access to certain sites and implementing employee policies that forbid personal Internet use.

Other companies are working to help you curb the amount of your own time you spend on the Internet. You have been able to buy software to limit your children's Internet use for a while now--controlling what they see and also when they can see it and for how long. These parental control options are more and more becoming a way to limit time spent on the Internet rather than content viewed.

I know my Mac comes standard with the ability to set cut-off hours on Internet browsing. I can set it to only let users of my computer on during certain hours or for a certain amount of time. You can't set this for the computer administrator, but you can for other user accounts for the same computer.



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