i was told that i have chronic kidney disease. is this from my heroin addiction?

I don't know that anyone

I don't know that anyone could tell you for sure or not, but there are many reasons that kidney disease develops in people, and heroin addiction is not to my knowledge one of the first risk factors listed.

Furthermore, heroin was originally developed over a century ago to be an especially simple drug, and the body treats it that way. it gets into your system, and is very very easy for the liver to break down and the kidneys to flush (metabolize, in other words)---in fact, if it weren't this easy, it might not be quite as addictive-- or rather, the high might last longer if it weren't such an easy drug for your body to metabolize. This doesn't mean that it couldn't have had a harmful effect on your kidneys but I'd be willing to bet you ingest something every day- in food or water- that is tougher on your kidneys than heroin.

I hope you're getting treatment for the CKD because the sooner you it begins the better off you'll be.


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