What is the worst type of addiction?

Any addiction is usually

Any addiction is usually harmful in one way or another. I also have read that a meth user has a 5 year life span. That sounds pretty bad.

I don't think there's any way

I don't think there's any way to definitively say that one addiction is worse than another. Some drugs do have more serious consequences--meth, for instance, is known to cause permanent brain changes and damage in some cases of prolonged use. Also, some addictions may have more consequences than others if they are more expensive, illegal, or involve risky behaviors like sharing needles.

Still, what really determines how bad an addiction is is how much it affects your life. Any addiction can seriously damage your health, your relationships, and your future...that goes for behavioral addictions like gambling as well as substance addictions, and addictions to legal behaviors as well as illegal ones.


I think its the steroid used

I think its the steroid used by many especially personality in sport's world..I always wanted to see Donovan McNabb win a Super Bowl. He has the talent - heck, more than enough. (Some very average QBs have own Super Bowls, and some legends never did - Marino, for example.) I don't think it will happen now the Philadelphia Eagles had McNabb traded to Redskins for some draft picks. I do not think the team needed payday cash advances or anything. Vick doesn't appear to be ready to go back to starting, so Kolb is going to probably be the guy - we'll see where that goes. At least he was not traded to the Cowboys - there would are riots.

I think that the worst

I think that the worst addictions are the ones that are harder to get off of, like crack cocaine. Not many can recover, even though they want to with all of their heart. Anybody can break an addiction, however even the strongest person can't withstand an intense craving or urge. I am an opiate addict, and I am lucky because my addiction requires scripts, otherwise I would probably be a raging addict.

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The worst addiction is the

The worst addiction is the one that really takes over the mind then makes the body deathly ill when they try to stop like Heroin, Suboxone, Methadone...

Only an opinion from experience of course :)




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