why do addicts think they can drink safely?

Addicts think they are

Addicts think they are capable of just about everything when they're high-- it's when they're sober that they think they're incapable of handling anything remotely difficult.


I've know many addicts once

I've know many addicts once clean, think it's okay to drink ...they don't see it as a problem until it's lead them to their drug of choice.

Oh, I see what you mean.

Oh, I see what you mean. Addicts in recovery don't like the idea of life-long restrictions, meaning they don't like the idea that they can never "even enjoy a simple drink now and then", things like that. Their argument is fairly sound in theory, if fundamentally flawed in practice, i.e. that drinking is not only legal but socially acceptable, and if they weren't alcoholics what's the big deal? But the reality is that once a recovering addict gets drunk, he or she starts thinking about finding coke, or pills, or whatever used to get them high.


It's a real shame to watch

It's a real shame to watch happen and not being able to say anything to convince them it's wrong. I'm a recovering alcoholic myself with a drug history and I know it's all or no nothing in my recovery. Later saying I told you so is just cruel. All I can do is hope and pray that maybe the good Lord might give me the right words to say. Most addicts I've come across are really good people and some times it's hard to watch them fall. I ask this question alot to get as much input as possible, one thing I've learned after 11 years in recovery is that the learning never stops.

Excellent points Tim: to the

Excellent points Tim: to the addict who wants to stay clean, it's an all or nothing deal, that's just the way that it is. And it's so true-- the learning never stops.


My room-mate that I went

My room-mate that I went through rehab with is still out there actively using because he thought drinking was okay. Each day that passes I hope to see him in group.


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