When someone has been on drugs most of their life and goes to rehab and hasnt touched drugs in a couple of years can they still have symptoms like they did when they were doing them? If someone has done cocaine can they still have that "runny nose"?

I take it you're asking

I take it you're asking because you suspect someone of having relapsed? I think the general answer to your question is no-- drugs produce physiological symptoms when on them, and they don't when you're not on them.

That said, Coke can really tear up the nasal passages, and maybe cause long-term problems. Still, I would be suspicious.


Why still be suspicious if it

Why still be suspicious if it can cause long term problems? Im confused.

Because I say it 'can' not

Because I say it 'can' not that it does. Besides, that was only in references to sniffling. Other things like jittery behavior are not long-term symptoms that someone necessarily suffers years after the fact. Rather that would point to acute use, i.e. very recent.



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