what kind of symptoms come from being a hydrocodone addict and a "ice" or meth addicit and why is so hard to quit and why do some people smoke meth then take hdryo's and they get so much energy is this why its so hard to quit

Please help me with any

Please help me with any available advice

Smoking meth makes you

Smoking meth makes you super-wired and flying high and moving fast, and sometimes it's a little too fast, so you take hydrocodone to knock the edge off the speed. The combination of speed and hydrocodone mirrors what's known as a speedball--cocaine and heroin. Having both the euphoria of speed and the euphoria of an opiate is a seductive tag-team.

As for symptoms, a good place to look is the eyes--- meth will make pupils huge, while opiates make pupils really small. When on both, I don't know what would happen, but I can't imagine that a person's pupils, on both, would look normal according to the lighting conditions.

Another symptom of being on both drugs or one or the other is a being really talkative. Chatty. About anything and everything. Speed also makes you twitch a lot-- foot, fingers, anything. And of course speed absolutely wipes out your appetite. You don't eat, and you have little desire or interest in sleep.

Hydrocodone use meanwhile can make a person's skin dry out so they scratch a bit. Taking hydrocodone while on speed might also help someone get some sleep.



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