What do you think is most misunderstood about addiction?

For me I think the most

For me I think the most misunderstood this is that addiction is a sign of weakness or a sign of decay in one's moral values. Once a person is dependent on a substance, they are dependent and the change that has happened in their brain is a chemical one. There has been a lot of research that has shown this. It wasn't too long ago that people did not think addiction was a disease. I guarantee that a lot of people these days still do not consider it a disease like cancer, heart disease, etc.

I really hope this stigma will change as more and more information and research is done in this area.

Most people confuse the

Most people confuse the symptoms with the disease. I think the disease is much deeper than what he addict displays.

People tend to think of

People tend to think of addicts as if they are second class. I have found this the hardest part about becoming part of mainstream society after addiction recovery. Many addicts feel the need to return to their for addictions because of this.


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