What do you do when your doctor accuses you of being an addict, so suddenly stops prescribing Xanax?

Now, let me clarify, I

Now, let me clarify, I realize that a lot of addicts may say this but I really don't fit the model of a Xanax addict.
I take, at most, 1/2 mg daily WHEN I AM ANXIOUS. I go through periods of time when I may need it more often and I can go MONTHS without taking ANY. That does not seem like addict behavior to me.
He told me today that he is not ordering me anymore because, and I quote, "you shouldn't have to take a pill to get out bed in the morning, drive, go to work, talk to friends". How in the hell would he know when I'm taking it and what the situation is? (Sorry, I'm venting!)
I live in Canada, where finding a new doctor is almost impossible in some areas, so unfortunately, that isn't really an option (but I am going to try!)
I lived with anxiety for over 20 years before he gave me any help in the form of a drug. I really think I've put in my time with going through every single day in a constant state of anxiety (and I wish I were exaggerating, but I'm not). This drug has helped me to be more outgoing and confident because anxiety isn't the only thing on my mind.
I don't use Xanax to change situations but to calm down enough to move on with things.

Anyone in Canada that can give some guidance?
I don't want to try and get it illegally but if I have to, I will.

Well it could be a very

Well it could be a very careless thing to do on your doctor's part because if you've been taking it for a while you could have serious withdrawal symptoms. Is it really that difficult to find a different doctor in Canada? Weird. Unfortunate too.


Hi Nikki Yes, in some parts

Hi Nikki

Yes, in some parts of Canada, there are a lot of people with no doctor at all. If you have a doctor, others doctors won't even look at you as they are already overloaded.
My understanding of Xanax is that if you take it intermittently (which I do) you shouldn't have withdrawal symptoms. It's more of a risk if you take it daily and your body is used to a certain level.
Let's just put it this way: my doctor is an idiot.

I'm sorry to hear that. And

I'm sorry to hear that. And yes you're right, intermittently taking Xanax won't likely produce any physical withdrawal symptoms, although it may produce some psychological ones, which may manifest as physical symptoms but very minor ones. at half a mg per day, physical dependence doesn't seem like it should be bad at all unless it's been going on for a long time. even then I wouldn't expect much.

I don't know about the Canadian medical system, but is your prescribing doc a family practice MD or a psychiatrist? In other words, if you're getting it from a regular medical doctor, can you instead seek out a psychiatrist for the xanax, or even a psychologist? In the US psychologists often work with an MD and prescribe controlled medications under the MD's name, legally, for their patients. Is something like that an option?


Hi Nikki The doctor I get

Hi Nikki

The doctor I get this from is my regular family physician...he's the doctor who delivered me and he's 82! I wonder how much of these meds he's actually learned about.

I am not sure about psychologist's and doctor's working together like that. I don't believe that a psychologist could do that. Here, psychologist's cannot prescribe meds. I'm sure a psychologist could recommend to a doctor that a person have the opportunity to try a certain medication though.

I spoke again with my doctor today and he has decided to give me another RX for Xanax but he commented that I am too dependant on it (again!). I told him that if he wanted, I can keep a journal of when I take the medication and why I am taking it. I told him that I can get the pharmacy to print off a history of how much of the medication I've gotten in the last 5 years. His response? "You'll just get it off the internet or buy it on the street anyway, so that won't be telling me the whole truth". How on earth am I ever going to win with him?
I have no clue how to buy drugs on the street. I wouldn't even know how to get pot if I wanted it! I'm very sheltered...lol.

As for the internet, I have checked it out to have ready just in case...but it's VERY expensive. I pay $2.00 for 60 pills through my medical plan now and over the internet, I'd pay around $400.00 for 50. Also, I wouldn't know for sure if the meds I'd get would be pure Xanax and safe to take.

I am going to keep trying to find a new doctor and hopefully get one who will help, rather than just make accusations and stupid comments.
I don't want to find a doctor who will just blindly prescribe, of course. I would like a doctor who actually talks with me and before giving out ANY meds, he gives me all of the information and all of the options.

Sorry to read about this.

Sorry to read about this. Often, older doctors like yours almost don't give a shit anymore if you're developing an addiction because they're going to retire soon and pass you along to someone else. It'd be understandable if this doc were fresh out of medical school ...

As for the internet, yeah you're wise to stay away. Cost is crazy and you just don't know what you might get. Too bad you don't live near the Mexican border-- when I was an addict, I went to Mexico border towns twice a month and the drugs were dirt-cheap, including xanax. But that was a decade ago, maybe things have changed.

Glad you got your script. While you have it I would start finding a new solution so you're not out when the time comes. Good luck!


i do not know how to handle

i do not know how to handle this, i have seen the same doctor for adult with adhd, for almost 4 years i am almost 60 i have never had a drug problem i have never been accused of this, and i grew up in the 60's, my doctor was prescribing a high dose of adderall, due to my gastric bypass i do not absorb ANY thing completely, at my last visit my doctor decided that i have a problem, and she changed my prescription just like that, to vyvance, and by the way at a very high dose according to my pharmacist, so if my doctor thought i had a problem with adderall, why the heck change it another drug, that does not work as well, with me,and at a high dose, this last month has been hard, dealing with her words, left with no way to defend myself, and a prescription that does not work as well as what i was taking before, and i do not want "abuse" to be in my file, i am looking to change doctors, but i never thought about the control a doctor can have on your life, how is it possible they can just say something, they should have to prove it somehow?????? i have had to deal with depression, adhd my whole life, 5 marriages, 6 businesses opened and closed, moving countless times, always trying not to spin out to far, and failing most of the time, then i find a solution, one that works, great, the marriage i am in now, was on the brink when i started the adderall, and four years later we are still married, (almost 10 years now) none of my other marriages lasted over five years, thank god my husband is a good man, he has stood by me through so much and this last month he has been a champ, i have an appointment on monday with my doctor, i am so scared of saying the wrong thing, i trusted her before, and now i feel like she has a gun to my head, if i tell her how i feel she could just pull the plug on me completely, at my last appointment she ended the session, with a flip comment one that i hate,"it is what it is" well no it is not, and now i have to see her, and make nice, so she does not pull the trigger, and by the way not for nothing but i grew up with a father who sexually abused me, beat me and my brother, all documented, no one helped us, my brother took his life at 32, and the bastard that was my father finally died a few years ago, like it or not this has brought up all those same emotions i had as a child, and as a teen, yep it is what it is, right

oh just a little humor here,

oh just a little humor here, if i do have an addiction it is to shoes, high heels to be exact, i will not say how many pairs i have, lets just leave it with over 65 pairs, an that is after cleaning out my shoe closet, now i do buy them on sale, i will not spend over 100.00 on a pair, i will admit shoes are a passion of mine, just wanted to add this, there is nothing funny about what my doctor is doing, however.


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