Recovery Systems in Mill Valley , CA has a 10 year, 90%,clinical application success rate using amino acid therapy as an adjunct to their program. What is your experience with AAT?

I am sorry but this seems

I am sorry but this seems awfully high for AAT. This is the thing that gets me with any kind of addiction treatment. All of the centers promise high recovery and success rates without clinical data. If you have true clinical data on this data please forward it along and I promise to eat my words.

Programs using amino acid

Programs using amino acid therapy almost always report very high success rates--usually 70-80%. I would also be interested in seeing the actual data backing up these claims. I think AAT is an interesting approach to treating addiction and other problems like depression and anxiety, but I'm concerned about the lack of scientific research on the topic.

My thought about AAT is that if it was really that easy to cure addiction, depression, and other disorders, AAT would be a standard treatment. I definitely think that proper nutrition is extremely important and can have a huge impact on physical and mental health, but I'm not sure IVs of amino acids is the ultimate answer. I'd love to see more research on the topic.



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