My sister is having some tough times and has asked us to take her dog and if she can live with us until she can get back on her feet. She is diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. She takes Lithium, Xanax, vicadin, and not sure what else. How dangerous is this?

My family is trying to

My family is trying to understand the Bipolar thing. We have many questions about my sisters behavior. My honest opinion is that she has an addiction problem. She as mad comment that she needs a lifetime supply of Vicadin. She takes a Xanax and sleeps long hours, yet says she has not had an anxiety issues for a long time. She say her and her doctor have her medication for Bipolar dial in really good but I disagree. She does not act normal and has zero sort term memory. She sits around or lays around all day. Has not energy to do much and just wants to watch the same TV shows over and over. I really want to help her get off all the drugs but have no idea where to start.
Any guidance or help would be greatly welcome

Why is she taking Vicodin?

Why is she taking Vicodin?

And I remember myself saying almost the same thing about Vicodin- and I don't think anybody would say that unless they're almost fantasizing about it, as in "if I had a lifetime supply of Vicodin I would never have to bust my ass to find it and get docs to prescribe it and steal it from other peoples' medicine cabinets again."

Anyway, taking Vicodin, Xanax and Lithium is without doubt going to cause someone to act exactly the way she is acting-- it's not like any of those drugs are uppers. The danger is in accidentally overdosing. For example, Vicodin suppresses the respiratory system; taking too much can cause it to shut down. Xanax might augment this effect. Not really familiar with lithium perse but I know that it would contribute to her lethargy.

Getting her help will not be easy. Since she is bipolar you would probably need to find a treatment center that handles dual diagnosis patients, since she would be diagnosed as being bipolar and as having an opioid addiction. Not all treatment centers are equipped for this.

Just remember this-- no matter how much your family might think it or how much your sister may say it, you and your family can not help her beat drug abuse. If love and affection were enough, there would be no treatment centers in the world. Instead, she needs to agree to receive professional help.



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