Isn't an exercise addiction good for you?

I think there is a point

I think there is a point where exercise if good and health but going to far can be a problem. If you push off other things just to exercise or if you push your body to extreme pains no matter what it could be detrimental instead if health for your body. More info on over exercising here.

I run 5 days a week. It

I run 5 days a week. It actually helped me get over my alcohol addiction. It always keeps my mind clear and away from any cravings. I would keep this addiction over anything else.

Some people think that there

Some people think that there are such things as positive addictions that are actually good for you, and exercise is often considered one of them. Like sunnyday said, many people find that developing a "positive addiction" like exercise helps them stay away from negative addictions. But an exercise addiction can become a problem for some people. Exercising too much is hard on your body and can cause injuries and extreme weight loss. If you're truly addicted to exercise, you'll keep going even if you're injured--basically, you ignore the fact that your body's telling you to stop. You might also ignore other important things that need to be done or people that you care about in order to exercise. So even a healthy activity can reach a point where engaging in it is unhealthy.



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