If you do not make a lot of money, how can you get good treatment for an addiction?

This is a good question

This is a good question because treatment centers can sometimes range anywhere from $20k to $60k for a 30 day stay. It really depends on the facility. One good way to start is with a 12 step program or a support group which can be at no cost to you. Depending on the addiction there are some medications that are covered by insurance for alcohol addiction.

12 Step or Rational Recovery

12 Step or Rational Recovery are definitely good choices. Check your insurance policy. Some of them can actually cover it. There are also grants that can be acquired.

A lot of insurances do cover

A lot of insurances do cover addiction rehab, so definitely check with your carrier if you have insurance. Support groups and 12 step programs can be really great free options, and people you meet through them may also be able to offer suggestions about affordable treatment. There are also federally and state funded treatment centers that are usually more affordable than private rehab, although some private rehab centers set aside funds for charity cases or will help you set up a payment plan--it never hurts to ask.

You can also start by visiting a community health center to meet with a social worker or psychologist--they often operate on a sliding fee scale, so you only pay what you can afford. The visits may be helpful in treating your addiction, and many mental health professionals will help you find a way to afford treatment. These websites can help you find one:




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