i want to know are caffeine addict and coffee addict is same? and can i get a theory or articles about tattoo addict? thanks before..

please,, i need this

please,, i need this information for my assignment..
who can answer my question? thanks before..

I believe they are very

I believe they are very similar because the reason many people drink coffee is for the feeling they get from the caffeine inside of it.

Caffeine addiction and coffee

Caffeine addiction and coffee addiction aren't exactly the same thing, but it's a fine distinction. It's pretty likely that people who are addicted to coffee are, in fact, addicted to the caffeine in the drink. However, caffeine addicts aren't necessarily coffee drinkers. Caffeine is found in many drinks--soft drinks, energy drinks, tea--as well as pills and some foods, so just because a person is a caffeine addict doesn't mean they're a coffee addict.

Tattoo addiction isn't recognized formally as an addiction and it hasn't received much (if any) research by scientists. Here are a couple articles about the topic:

Can I really get addicted to tattoos?

Tattoo addiction: myth or reality?



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