i take 3 2mg xanax a day, and had a arguement with my husband i take it at 6, 12, and 4pm. after 4 i had two panic attacks and took 4more 2mg than subscribed. i wuz takin to the e.r. will they take my meds, i am going to partial outpt.

the hospital sent me home

the hospital sent me home with my xanax bottle and told me to follow up with my psychiatrist and go to partial outpt. for takin four more 2mg because of panic attack. having arguement with husband..will he take my xanax from me?????or will they take all narcotics im on. i am add, manic schitzophrenic, and anxiety. is it a law to take them from me. i told them i wasn't tryin to hurt myself and they did a urine sample and seen that i wuz takin my meds as prescribed..i just took 4 more 2mg than prescribed cause couldn't control panic and anxiety attack. i wuz not intentionally takin them to hurt myself and i told them that. my daughter called e.m.s. and they made me go to the hospital. i have never done this before, and get levels takin all the time by my pain mgmt. doctor..what will happen?

I don't see that anything

I don't see that anything should come of this, you didn't try to OD right? You were merely trying to control the symptom for which you are written the medication in the first place. I don't see any reason why they would take them from you.



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