I have been taking Tramadol for my chronic back pain and Fibromyalgia for four years. I didn't know Tramadol is a Narcotic till last week. On the other hand, I have been sober from crack cocaine and alcohol for a year. Can Tramadol affect my sobriety?

Yes, I think it can, even

Yes, I think it can, even though it's the opposite of your prior drugs you abused. Tramadol is an extremely extremely weak opiate agonist. For a time it wasn't even considered an opiate. Nonetheless, when some people take it, they feel the narcosis. I think addicts have to be carefulwith any kind of drug in the future. Of course taking tramadol doesn't mean you're no longer sober- you still are. but it can present problems for you if you're not careful. You should probably tell the doc who's giving you the tramadol that you have a history of drug abuse.



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