I have been clean for 1.5 yrs, how do i get family to stop obsessing and talking about it all of the time i want to move on

Have you told your family how

Have you told your family how you feel? Sometimes we expect people to know how we'd like them to act even though we've never told them. If you haven't already, try talking to them about it calmly, explaining that you've been clean for a long time and you want to have a normal life. Try not to accuse them...they're probably just worried about you and afraid that you might start using again. You could try asking them what you can do to show them you're committed to staying clean. Having a family member who is an addict is really hard and it sounds like your family hasn't dealt with your addiction as well as you have. There's only so much you can do.


Are they talking negatively,

Are they talking negatively, or just bringing up your history with it? I'm sure they dont mean any ill will, but maybe you should mention to them that you are attending meetings (hopefully), and keeping your personal hell fresh so you dont do it again. Each time I have relapsed, I have fallen even harder than the time before. Im sure they are just scared for you. I went thru that also and I hated it! It just made me want to go out and drink to prove them wrong, and show I could control myself (NOT!). Good luck and try not to be too hard on them.


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